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CA: 0x8C130499D33097D4D000D3332E1672f75b431543

Hoppy, originally created by Matt Furie before his later creation Pepe, became the insperation for the $HOPPY token, introduced on the Ethereum blockchain 326 days ago, on July 15, 2023. In a strategic and commendable move, the dev of the original $HOPPY burned $100,000+ worth of Wrapped Ether in liquidity, which had remained unlocked but never pulled. This action renounced any developer control, paving the way for a genuine Community Takeover. Despite several relaunches of Hoppy-themed tokens in recent months that failed to capture the community's spirit, this decisive shift to community governance has reinvigorated the project. Now, with the original Hoppy token fully controlled by its community, there is a unified vision to propel Hoppy to new heights on the Ethereum blockchain.

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